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Over 2500 m2 of industrial warehouses, with the most advanced facilities.

EXTINTORES FAEX, S.L. occupies two open-plan, jointed industrial warehouses with a total surface area of  2,500 m2. The company has the most advanced mass-producing facilities for several types of fire extinguishers, with a exceptionally high production capacity that allows it a very quickly response to any product order.

EXTINTORES FAEX, S.L. began its industrial activity in 1998. The company was set up by a group of professionals with extensive experience in fire extinguishers manufacturing and marketing. Our portable fire extinguishers come with AENOR Product Certification (Spanish Society for Standardisation and Certification), and are also certified by Lloyd’s Register España, S.A. They therefore carry the CE brand, in line with Community Directive 97/23CE.

Our Marine fire extinguishers comply with Lloyd’s Register under M.C.A. (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) authorisation, and the Compliance Declaration follows Marine Equipment directives 96/98/EC, 98/95/CE and 2002/75/EC. We market our products to companies which specialise in the installation and maintenance of fire-fighting systems, and we keep activity in both domestic and international markets.